Month: October 2018

The Language of the Deaf Must Be Heard

I’ll be honest. When I signed up for the Katerlinden School networking visit I had no idea I would be spending the morning learning about the culture and #community of the deaf and the #disabled. I’d clearly misread the description in the conference briefing. I quickly and eagerly read words and phrases like artist-led, ambitious socio-education, and #democracy …

Dr. Dionne Show

Dr. Dionne Poulton interviews Yvonne Moore, Principal Philanthropic Advisor of Moore Philanthropy, and former Chief of Staff to filmmaker and philanthropist Abigail E. Disney.

Fitting The Image to The Spirit

“As a philanthropist and philanthropic practitioner from the African American diaspora, I was initially excited to explore your issue on Diaspora philanthropy and excited to know that philanthropy by and for communities from myriad diasporas around the world might find an audience among the mainstream philanthropic community.”

Veterans in Global Leadership

Veterans in Global Leadership’s mission is to train, mentor and empower student veterans on their path to becoming tomorrow’s global leaders. VGL is already the leading global leadership development program for veterans (enlisted and junior officers). This next generation of leaders is ready to address our nation’s current and future needs across sectors — public, private and nonprofit.

Spread The Vote

Spread The Vote is an organization that obtains IDs for people who need them for jobs, housing, medical care, and, in states with voter-ID laws, to vote. They operate in Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida to assist the 11% of the population (the 21 million eligible voters in America) who do not have the photo ID.

FACE Africa

FACE Africa’s mission is to bring clean drinking water to some of the most remote areas in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus in one of the most challenging regions, Liberia. Every water system they’ve built to date is fully operational and providing safe water to communities daily. In May 2018, the FACE Africa team has distributed over 5,000 clean water filters in Rivercess County reaching 40,000 people.