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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Progress: Amplifying the Impact of Donors of Color

On April 9, 2024, the Marmalade Festival hosted the panel discussion “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Progress: Amplifying the Impact of Donors of Color.” The event featured influential figures in philanthropy like Yvonne Moore, Managing Director of Moore Philanthropy; Hilda Vega, Vice President of Philanthropic Knowledge and Practice; and Solome Lemma, Executive Director of Thousand Currents, who addressed the evolving landscape of philanthropy as shaped by communities of color and historically marginalized groups. 

The panelists discussed the overlooked contributions of these communities, the narrow current definition of philanthropy, and the necessity for inclusive practices that recognize and support diverse giving traditions such as mutual aid and giving circles. The 90-minute conversation also explored new strategies for empowering donors of color, aiming to create a more equitable philanthropic sector.

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Yvonne Moore Named to Denver Urban Spectrum’s “African Americans Who Make A Difference” List

Congratulations to our Founder and Managing Director, Yvonne Moore, for joining the Denver Urban Spectrum’s list of “African Americans Who Make A Difference,” highlighting individuals on Black History Month for their devotion to the Black community.

Throughout her career, Yvonne has worked to build the wealth and influence of communities of color, helping direct critical resources to social, economic, and racial justice movements worldwide.

Achieving long-term sustainability for BIPOC-led organizations

By Yvonne L. Moore

Philanthropy means love of humankind.

And while people of color have generously led the way in showing up for our communities by investing in racial justice initiatives, the sector-at-large lags and is retrenching after years of promising to invest over $200 billion dollars in combating racial injustice.

This is why I founded Moore Philanthropy, and our public charity to scale our work. There is a lack of investment in our communities, and we want to change that. We want to build the wealth and influence of communities of color and break down barriers that prevent changemakers from advancing movements that will bring about economic, social, and racial justice.

This year, we’re launching a campaign to raise $10,000 to help build the engine that will power racial justice movements. This #GivingTuesday, join us in this effort by making a gift.

Your donation will support the expansion of our ongoing efforts to fund Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-led and serving organizations across the United States. It will enable us to give to more groups and increase the size of grants. With your support, we can further invest in regions philanthropy has often ignored, such as the Inner West, Midwest, and Southern United States.

With your generosity, we can continue to mobilize our community to hold philanthropy for its promises to combat racial injustice. Make a donation today.

Yvonne L. Moore is the Founder and Managing Director of Moore Philanthropy, a Black-owned and women-led philanthropic advisory firm and public charity providing thoughtful, strategic, and tailored philanthropic services to individuals, families, and organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

Why Should We Invest in the Next Generation of Leaders?

Moderated by Hafeeza Rashed, Director of Programs and Partnerships at Moore Philanthropy, Comic Relief US recently convened its first grantee gathering since 2019. The event featured a thought-provoking panel discussion on the importance of investing in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and youth-led organizations. Leaders shared insights on why including youth as decision-makers is essential to solving complex problems and creating the change we want to see in the world.

Corporate America and Philanthropy Must Deliver on Racial Justice Promises

By Yvonne L. Moore

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of Minneapolis police, corporations and philanthropy worldwide promised to join the fight against racial injustice and voiced their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Billions of dollars were pledged to tackle systemic racism and inequality in communities of color.

A New Era of Giving – Reflections on Philanthropy for Social Justice

Our founder, Yvonne Moore, contributed to A New Era of Giving – Reflections on Philanthropy for Social Justice, a collection of essays and conversations by the ISDM Centre for Philanthropy for Inclusive Development. Her essay explores how motivation and intent are critical to the success of our philanthropic pursuits for equity and social justice.