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Decolonizing Philanthropy – What and How?

What does decolonization mean when it comes to philanthropy? In this webinar, our Founder, Yvonne L. Moore and Alliance Magazine explore how to decolonize philanthropy and why it should be on the agenda of all foundations committed to a more equitable world.

Why Black-led Models Work: How Black donor advisors are shaking up institutional philanthropy

Africans in the Diaspora (AiD) is a network of Africans on the continent and in the diaspora that pools financial resources, knowledge and skills to support the work of climate justice, food sovereignty, and alternative economics movements on the continent. In their latest edition of AiD Magazine, our Founder and Managing Director Yvonne L. Moore discusses the inequities within charitable giving and ways people can invest in causes most meaningful to them.

Moore Impact Invests $1.3 Million to Fortify the Sustainability and Innovation of BIPOC-led Enterprises

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Moore Impact announced $1.3 million in grants to 18 “Power Champions,” a cohort of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) led enterprises working at the intersection of racial equity and COVID-19 response. The investments aim to fortify the long-term sustainability and innovation of organizations serving people from under-resourced communities across the United States and reverse philanthropy’s disinterest in BIPOC-led social change.

Investments by Moore Impact, a collaborative partner and 501(c)(3) exempt entity under Moore Philanthropy, will provide flexible general operating support over two years and focus on groups whose work directly impacts people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and compounding health, economic, education, and racial justice crises. Additionally, funding will fortify organizations whose leadership and staff are reflective of the communities they serve – 100% of grantees serving Black communities are Black-led; 100% of Native-serving enterprises have Native leadership; 78% of grantees are woman-led; and the majority of grants will be directed to regions often neglected by philanthropy in the South, Midwest, and Inland Western United States. 

Nine Fundraising Misconceptions with Hafeeza Rashed

Niamani Mutima of the Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group talks with Moore Philanthropy’s Director of Programs and Partnerships, Hafeeza E. Rashed, about nine common misconceptions about fundraising.

The topics range from the differences between fundraisers and fundraising consultants, defining fundraising success, and working with fiscal sponsors. The conversation is especially useful for international organizations seeking practical advice and understanding of the nuances of the fundraising culture in the United States.

Authentic Partnership and Reframing Risk with Yvonne Moore

A. Nicole Campbell, General Counsel of Moore Philanthropy/Moore Impact is talking with Yvonne Moore, the Managing Director of Moore Philanthropy and President of Moore Impact discuss reframing risk and how that reframe impacts the way you work and center equity.

How Yvonne Moore Maximizes Philanthropy’s Potential to Do Good

Long before she began her work with foundations, Yvonne Moore had learned that “love of humankind” means more in action than it does in etymology. She grew up being shaped by the ways Black women in her family showed up in their communities and took in how they grounded their everyday philanthropy in an ethic of care and shared responsibility. Moore has relied on her family’s values and her faith as a source of insight and accountability, guiding her throughout her extensive career in institutional philanthropy.