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“We Are the Wealth We Are Looking For.” Yvonne Moore on Black Philanthropy, DAFs and More

By Ade Adeniji | February 22, 2023
Inside Philanthropy

Yvonne Moore got her start in philanthropy in the late 1990s as a program associate and director. She went on to become the executive director of the Daphne Foundation in New York and chief of staff for Abigail Disney, where she oversaw the family’s network of media, philanthropic and advocacy organizations. But Moore has worn many hats over the years, and become an influential voice in the sector along the way.

Realizing Just and Liberated Futures for Black Girls, Femmes, and Gender-Expansive Youth

Yvonne Moore, Founder and Managing Director of Moore Philanthropy, talks with Dr. Monique Couvson, President and CEO of Grantmakers for Girls of Color, about the urgent need in philanthropy to support Black girls. They discuss how financial institutions must reimagine how they serve Black communities and not “bring a frozen turkey to a house with no oven.”

Tune into their enriching conversation to learn more about Yvonne’s mission and beliefs in serving Black communities and their philanthropic needs.

Bringing Together Donors and Funding to Move the Needle Toward Real Change

As one of the few Black-led and woman-owned philanthropic advisory firms, Moore Philanthropy continues to be a leader in reversing the lack of investment in communities of color. We ensure that changemakers can access the support and financial tools to create change and build generational wealth.

As we close 2022, we look toward the future and the work yet to be done. Despite the charitable nature of philanthropy, the lack of diverse leadership and low funding levels for leaders of color are clear indicators of the sector’s continued shortcomings. 

Black-founded and Woman-led Advisory Firm, Moore Philanthropy, Increases Access and Options for Charitable Giving

Expands Services to include Donor Advised Funds

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Moore Philanthropy, a Black-founded and woman-led philanthropic advisory firm, expands its charitable giving services. Individuals, families, affinity groups, and corporations of all giving capacities can now set up their own donor-advised funds (DAFs) to make immediate, meaningful impacts in communities across the U.S. and abroad.

Decolonizing Philanthropy – What and How?

What does decolonization mean when it comes to philanthropy? In this webinar, our Founder, Yvonne L. Moore and Alliance Magazine explore how to decolonize philanthropy and why it should be on the agenda of all foundations committed to a more equitable world.

Why Black-led Models Work: How Black donor advisors are shaking up institutional philanthropy

Africans in the Diaspora (AiD) is a network of Africans on the continent and in the diaspora that pools financial resources, knowledge and skills to support the work of climate justice, food sovereignty, and alternative economics movements on the continent. In their latest edition of AiD Magazine, our Founder and Managing Director Yvonne L. Moore discusses the inequities within charitable giving and ways people can invest in causes most meaningful to them.