Bringing Together Donors and Funding to Move the Needle Toward Real Change

As one of the few Black-led and woman-owned philanthropic advisory firms, Moore Philanthropy continues to be a leader in reversing the lack of investment in communities of color. We ensure that changemakers can access the support and financial tools to create change and build generational wealth.

As we close 2022, we look toward the future and the work yet to be done. Despite the charitable nature of philanthropy, the lack of diverse leadership and low funding levels for leaders of color are clear indicators of the sector’s continued shortcomings. 

At Moore Philanthropy, we’re leveraging over 25 years of knowledge and experience to provide thoughtful, strategic, and tailored philanthropic services for our clients to bridge the divide between short-lived social impact and sustained social change. 

We utilize a trust-based approach to philanthropy, reimagining mainstream approaches to measuring the impact organizations have on the communities they serve, engaging leaders around their outcomes for success, investing in their leadership and capacity building, and opening up decision-making and information-sharing structures to include those most impacted by the problems philanthropy seeks to address.

We’re proud to partner with and sponsor organizations that match our guiding principles. Knowing where to put your time and money in a crowded philanthropy landscape can be challenging. Our cohort of organizations has a proven track record of making change in their communities. 

See our work in action and how we’re bringing together donors and funding to move the needle toward real change. Invest or seek out to learn more about the organizations below to help build the influence of communities of color. 

2023 Economic Justice Giving Circle, co-chaired by Moore Philanthropy, aims at helping better understanding how the roots of capitalism, finance, and power have shaped economic injustice within the broader global community and what can be done to shift systems. The goal is to learn from grantee partners, community leaders, and donor colleagues about the strategies, tactics, and solutions they have found the most successful and the next steps that can be taken to make economic justice a reality.

Black Women Disrupt (BWD) is a social impact investment platform that maps and connects both individuals and networks with the goal of raising visibility and providing opportunities for women of African descent. It harnesses entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation to support the growth and economic empowerment of our community. In 2021, BWD created Black Women Disrupt the Web, a global web series competition to produce an international showcase featuring five compelling original films by sister disruptors from Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, and South Africa. In 2022, BWD launched Sister Disruptors Unite to share stories, updates and new information about sister Disruptors’ businesses and organizations in time to celebrate our 5th anniversary on July 25, 2023.

Latinas Represent is the national, nonpartisan home for Latinas seeking out public service opportunities. Its mission aims to increase the number and diversity of Latinas in public service to transform communities and our democracy. They are creating new norms in public service and strengthening the ecosystem of organizations supporting Latinas, connecting them to the resources they need to transform their communities and our democracy.

The NYC Racial Equity Endowment Fund launched a Fund to direct unrestricted philanthropic resources toward under-resourced Black-led nonprofits and social impact leaders in New York City. By harnessing the power of communal giving, the NYC Racial Equity Endowment Fund aims to secure sustainability for the well-being of leaders and organizations on the frontlines of change.

The Racial Equity Index documents, tracks, and dismantles systemic racism around the world, particularly in the global development and philanthropy sectors, designing and producing tools that provide greater accountability and create a more equitable system and culture, with justice and dignity at its core. 

The HERitage Giving Fund is Black women’s giving circle serving small and medium-sized nonprofits and start-ups in Texas that prioritize the needs of Black women and girls. Since its founding, HERitage has invested more than $100,000 to support these organizations deploying its grants to increase service capacity and sustain much-needed program services.

Susu House helps Black women and femmes have access to vital trauma-informed healing services and elevates healing equity by reducing financial restrictions to restorative services. Susu House offers sponsored retreats, workshops, trainings, and events at little to no cost to those in need of healing support.

We Tell Our Selves works to change the language and perceptions of women’s power and identities through workshops that reframe negative narratives, push women’s value, fortify the work of equity and justice, and decenter harm.