Moore Philanthropy is a Black-owned advisory firm bringing over 25 years of knowledge and experience to provide thoughtful, strategic and tailored philanthropic services to individuals, families, and private institutions.

Every decision we make as a firm to support the stakeholders we serve is grounded in principles around equity and inclusion. While Moore Philanthropy serves the needs of families from all walks of life, we have an intentional and demonstrated commitment to serving the African Diaspora and their families and building the wealth and influence of communities of color. Over the years, our work helping others create lasting solutions for social change has led us to discover gaps in how the sector approaches sustainable philanthropy. In order to bridge the divide between short-lived social impact and sustained social change, we utilize a comprehensive approach towards philanthropy. This means that we consider the impact of a charitable gift and how the management of our firm’s assets further investments in the communities we serve. Our philosophy led us to expand our offerings to include: Moore AdvisoryMoore Impact, and Moore Investment.

This allows us to serve a more diverse audience and provide our clients with the opportunity to share and invest in our commitment to equitable and inclusive philanthropy. Our approach supports and encourages our clients to build a deeper and more operational understanding of the diverse people and communities we aim to serve. 

For us, philanthropy does not start with the decision to make a gift – it starts when you consider how a gift should be made and whether principles of equity and inclusion guide your giving.

We invite you to learn more about our company and how our approach towards philanthropy will help deepen your knowledge about how to leverage your gift to support mission-aligned investments.