Moore Impact

Moore Impact, a 501(c)(3) exempt entity under Moore Philanthropy, provides a tax-exempt vehicle that allows donor collaboratives, giving circles, advocacy initiatives, and urgent response funds to accept donations and make grants, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Moore Impact serves as a fiscal sponsor for time-limited projects, campaigns and mission-driven enterprises that may lack tax-exempt status. Many begin a special project or a fund because of an immediate need but lack the options for rapidly starting up that work, or quickly disbursing funds to communities. Moore Impact can work with you to immediately begin accepting donations, create and execute a giving strategy, and eventually help you sunset that initiative or prepare to sustain your project for the long term.

Having a vehicle that can accelerate grantmaking in a responsible and systematic way is a critical piece to funding social change in these instances.

And yet, despite the altruistic nature of philanthropy, the field has consistently overlooked funding leaders of color who have the most lived experience in the very problems the sector is trying to solve. In an industry that purports its commitment to serving the underserved, the lack of diverse leadership and low levels of funding towards nonprofit leaders of color are clear indicators of the sector’s shortcomings.

We established Moore Impact because we are committed to changing this norm. Unless more leaders who are intimately involved in dealing with systemic change are in positions of power, philanthropy will continue to perpetuate inequity.

Moore Impact also serves as the parent entity for Moore Investment, a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) which allows individuals, families and institutions to establish a permanent, strategic giving vehicle without the cost and legal responsibilty of establishing private foundation.

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