African Diaspora Philanthropic Advisor Network


An initiative of Moore Philanthropy, The African Diaspora Philanthropic Advisor Network (ADPA Network) connects, educates and elevates philanthropic advisors and consultants from the African Diaspora charged with guiding, influencing or leading the philanthropic goals of individuals, families and institutions across the globe.


The three circles which form the Network’s logo represent the critical partnership between advisor, donor, and community.


A world in which advisors from the African Diaspora are highly respected, not only for their talent and acumen in philanthropic investment and grantmaking, but also for their ancestral, cultural and familial history of philanthropy, in all its iterations.

How We Work: Connect, Educate and Elevate 

Connect. The Network gathers or connects colleagues globally, to create an active community of practice around philanthropic advising.

Educate. The Network supports the ongoing professional growth of advisors from the Diaspora by sharing knowledge, learning, or opportunities to further build those skills and talents which help families, individuals, and institutions begin, expand or deepen their philanthropic impact.

Elevate. The Network seeks out and disseminates tools and resources which collectively advance the profile of advisors from the Diaspora and ensure donors are aware of their options when seeking qualified, experienced and highly knowledgeable partners to help them shape or implement their philanthropic goals.

Eligibility for Membership

Participation in the Network is open to independent consultants and advisory firms currently providing advice or guidance directly to donors of wealth or means including those working at family foundations or corporate giving programs in which a living donor or immediate family member(s) remains involved in the entities’ decision-making.

For more information, or to find out about eligibility send us a message by completing the form below: