Make a Donation to the NYC Racial Equity Endowment Fund

The NYC Racial Equity Endowment Fund directs philanthropic resources toward unrestricted support for the too-often underestimated and under-resourced Black nonprofit and social impact leaders in New York City. We harness the power of communal giving to secure sustainable change while supporting the well-being of those leaders and their organizations.

BIPOC and Black leaders often face extreme challenges from their boards, staff and communities to transform their circumstances in unreasonable and unrealistic timelines. When a Black leader is appointed, internal and external resources may be limited, which impacts their ability to meet and exceed expectations.  Research done by Building Movement Project and The Bridgespan Group clearly shows us that Black leaders are chronically under-resourced, do “hidden” racial equity and DEI work within organizations without being compensated, and are constantly having their leadership undermined and underestimated.

Nonprofit leadership, particularly in our current social climate, is a stressful undertaking. More specifically, Black leaders are expected to meet unrealistic goals and metrics without the necessary staff and resources. We offer financial support to help Black leaders realize their social impact goals while also removing barriers that prevent time to replenish, rest, and reflect.

This fund is different because it focuses on the well-being of our Black leaders. We recognize the organizational financial constraints they are navigating. This fund provides “freedom” and “flexibility” to support them.

Our fund is seeded by individuals not institutions, it is FOR US, BY US. It is designed to eliminate or mitigate barriers for Black leaders and provide additional financial, professional, and emotional support. Our fund also offers fiscal resources to support leaders throughout their tenure. The NYC Racial Equity Endowment Fund intentionally and unapologetically supports Black leaders working towards social change in New York City.