Veterans in Global Leadership’s mission is to train, mentor and empower student veterans on their path to becoming tomorrow’s global leaders. VGL is already the leading global leadership development program for veterans (enlisted and junior officers). This next generation of leaders is ready to address our nation’s current and future needs across sectors — public, private and nonprofit.

VGL is focused on building the leadership pipeline of these veterans: highly competent, skilled leaders who have already excelled in facing and solving the complex challenges the U.S. and our allies face abroad. The VGL program is a unique 12-month leadership fellowship that provides student veterans with brand development, exclusive networking, leadership seminars, career guidance and one-on-one application counseling for prestigious scholarships and fellowships. VGL distinguishes itself as a leadership development program, not a benefits or career readiness program.

To learn more visit their website or if you’d like to consider a gift please contact the Founder and Executive Director, Jayson Browder, at jbrowder[at]

Spread The Vote is an organization that obtains IDs for people who need them for jobs, housing, medical care, and, in states with voter-ID laws, to vote. They operate in Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida to assist the 11% of the population (the 21 million eligible voters in America) who do not have the photo ID.

Spread The Vote primarily obtains IDs for students (especially those in states where students cannot vote with their student IDs), citizens living below the poverty level, seniors, returning citizens, and more. With those IDs our voters are able to access the resources and services they need to start new lives and to advance themselves socially and economically, and they are able to vote on election day.

In order to fight discriminatory voter-ID laws, Spread the Vote plans to grow and build new operations with the goal of being in all 20 photo ID states in time for the 2020 elections.

To learn more visit their website or if you’d like to consider a gift please contact the Founder and Executive Director, Kat Calvin, at kat[at]


FACE Africa’s mission is to bring clean drinking water to some of the most remote areas in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus in one of the most challenging regions, Liberia. Every water system they’ve built to date is fully operational and providing safe water to communities daily. In May 2018, the FACE Africa team has distributed over 5,000 clean water filters in Rivercess County reaching 40,000 people. They have also completed 18 well projects reaching an additional 20,000 people with clean water.

FACE Africa has been able to do this using multiple water-provision techniques: drilled wells in large communities that are accessible by road; hand-dug wells for larger communities that cannot be reached by larger drilling rigs; and Safe Water filtration systems for individual households in remote, hard to reach areas. This three-tiered approach has made it possible for their teams to reach communities in high-population areas and all the way out to the most remote regions of the County.

FACE Africa is hoping to complete their mission in Rivercess County in the next couple of months and will be moving into Sinoe where they will begin the installation of 4,000 household filters and rehabilitating 32 new wells.

To learn more visit their website or if you’d like to consider a gift please contact the Founder and Executive Director, Saran Kaba Jones, at saran[at]

Generation Citizen works to ensure that every student in the United States receives an effective action civics education, which provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in our democracy as active citizens. They inspire civic participation through a proven state standards-aligned action civics class that gives students the opportunity to experience real-world democracy.

Generation Citizen partners with teachers and schools to help them implement a comprehensive, student-centered, project-based action civics education program where students debate issues directly affecting them, like police community relations, domestic violence, or discrimination. Students develop strategic action plans to effect systemic change on that issue and implement the plan by engaging directly with influencers and decision makers. The discipline is rooted in the idea that the best way for students to grow into informed and active citizens is not just by learning about civic structures and processes, but by engaging politically within their local communities.

To learn more visit their website or if you’d like to consider a gift please contact the Senior Director of Development, Jessicah White, at jwhite[at]

Jola House is a social enterprise committed to the empowerment of women and girls. Their mission is to transform the lives of vulnerable Liberian women through skills development and entrepreneurship opportunities. They believe that education is the key to empowerment.

Jola House directly addresses the social and economic needs of vulnerable young girls and women through training, employment, and the sale of local products. Its vocational and business development trainings aim to increase the number of women who have gainful employment and own businesses. At the end of their training program, women secure employment at Jola House, local shops, factories, or start their own businesses.

The women of Jola House learn to design, stitch and develop their own products. 100% of the profits from the sale of these products are then reinvested into the program to benefit the women, their families and their communities.

To learn more visit their website or if you’d like to consider a gift please contact the Founder and Executive Director, Elfreda Mayson, at e.mayson[at]

The President’s Young Professionals Program (PYPP) of Liberia is a prestigious and competitive two-year program that recruits and places recent Liberian university graduates in important government roles and provides them with training and mentorship as they assume leadership positions within the public sector

The PYPP was launched in 2009 and has become one of Africa’s most competitive programs for leadership in public service. PYPP recruits provide support to Liberian government ministries and agencies by performing a variety of critical tasks. As of today, PYPP graduates are supporting 15 ministries and 10 agencies in the Government of Liberia and they are accelerating a government-level shift towards the values of strong leadership, transparency, and meritocracy – all of which will strengthen the country’s public sector capacity for decades to come.

To learn more visit their website or if you’d like to consider a gift please contact the Executive Director, Hh Zaiayh, at