Family Philanthropy & Advisory Services

Family Dynamics and Relationships

Families are often composed of individuals with very different personalities, temperaments and experiences and it is inevitable that there will come a point in which these divergent paths meet at a challenging crossroad. We can partner with you and your family, across generations, to seek and find a collective vision for your philanthropy which allows you to give wisely, together.
We are highly experienced in helping families work through the challenges of dynamics, personality differences or long-held disagreements, helping you identify and highlight synergies or areas of agreement which can create the space for each family member to engage as they wish, and enjoy the enthusiasm of giving together.

Philanthropic Advisement and Tailored Giving Programs

We help individuals, family foundations, and institutions identify, flesh out and create a giving strategy which best reflects your values, ethos and vision for change. With our vast network of dynamic leaders, change makers and social entrepreneurs, we can also help you identify and connect to potential organizations and companies with whom you can partner.

Global Philanthropy

We are highly experienced in helping donors give wisely—and legally— across borders. We help donors explore their giving goals geographically and assist you in assessing your legal options for giving, and then leverage our decades of experience and extensive partnerships in philanthropy, civil society, business and government to identify high performing organizations with whom you can partner.