Month: February 2023

“We Are the Wealth We Are Looking For.” Yvonne Moore on Black Philanthropy, DAFs and More

Discover what led our Founder, Yvonne L. Moore, to launch Moore Philanthropy, her work with grassroots groups, how donor-advised funds can be better used by Black philanthropy, and how Black American philanthropy can connect with other parts of the African diaspora.

Realizing Just and Liberated Futures for Black Girls, Femmes, and Gender-Expansive Youth

Yvonne Moore, Founder and Managing Director of Moore Philanthropy, talks with Dr. Monique Couvson, President and CEO of Grantmakers for Girls of Color, about the urgent need in philanthropy to support Black girls. They discuss how financial institutions must reimagine how they serve Black communities and not “bring a frozen turkey to a house with no oven.”