Fund Management & Grantmaking

Foundation and Funds Management

We can manage your foundation’s grantmaking, support your giving via your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) or advise you how to give legally via your personal funds. We are highly experienced in conducting due diligence, ensuring legal compliance, and completing the required reporting to ensure your charitable donations will stand up to government scrutiny and review.

Trustee Education & Governance

A knowledgeable donor is critical in creating thoughtful, strategic and sustainable philanthropic goals. We work with individuals, families, and foundations in creating learning goals that meet each stakeholder where they are in their learning, in a way that maximizes their personal learning style and interests while also complimenting the goals of the larger group.

New Entities

If you are at the very beginning of your philanthropic journey and need advice and wisdom on how best to establish an entity for your strategic giving, we can provide you with options based on your goals and dreams, explore scenarios for each recommendation and, if needed, connect you to respected partners or professionals who can help you establish a formal vehicle for giving.