Incubator Africa

Incubator Africa (IA) is committed to influencing social and entrepreneurial reforms as tools for system transformation. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, they mobilize and equip reform entrepreneurs to collaborate and actively participate in transforming and challenging the status quo in 3 key sectors: education, health, and governance. Over the years, IA has evolved to become a driving force for reshaping the reform agenda through its programs.

IA’s current business model is to identify, equip, and incubate reform entrepreneurs who are passionate about establishing social enterprises that will provide systemic, innovative solutions to social problems within education, health, and governance. These leaders embody the values and stature necessary to participate in reforming the spheres in which they have demonstrated skill and passion. Its approach is influenced by research on nations with sustained development and the role that effective reform of social and economic systems played in achieving their national transformation. Over the years, IA has evolved to become a leading voice and a driving force for reshaping the Nigerian education reform agenda through our range of programs. They train, incubate, and activate reformers in the organization’s focus areas of education, health, and governance to enable participants to become visionary learners. Individuals that can work towards urgently needed reforms with a commitment to changing the Nigerian education, health, and governance spheres for the better. The reformers become re-thinkers and innovators who engage with technology to deliver sustainable change, they advocate for universal access to quality education, affordable healthcare, and good governance by becoming a voice for the rights of the less privileged, while effectively building networks and partnerships.

At IA all activity is targeted at modeling innovative approaches to improve society. The training programs we run, as well as, transformational workshops are aimed at us empowering individuals and organizations to contribute to societal transformation. We proactively implement the models/solutions that we conceive for sustainable development alongside interested organizations. Each project is planned and executed by its network of development experts, IADT, to client specification enabling them to achieve defined project goals.

Success Story: Slum2School

Graduating from the university, Otto Orondaam felt the need to address the challenge of out-of-school children. In 2012, Otto founded the Slum2School Initiative, which aimed at improving access to education for children who live in hard-to-reach slums across Nigeria. The mission is to harness resources towards bridging the enrolment gap between orphans/vulnerable out-of-school children and children in schools, through the provision of educational scholarships and other psycho-social support programs.

This initiative has since expanded from just covering a school and a handful of students, to reaching out to over 1,000 children in slums across Nigeria. Incubator Africa through her CEO chairs the board of Slum2School and provides mentorship to its leadership.