New American Leaders

New American Leaders (NAL) is leading a movement to create a democracy that represents, includes, and works for all people. NAL knows that the people who are most affected by issues like immigration, voting rights, and rising white supremacy belong at the table, using their lived experiences to help shape decisions that will benefit everyone. Founded in 2010, ​NAL is the only national, nonpartisan organization preparing first- and second-generation Americans to run for and succeed in elected office.

NAL runs a candidate pipeline program in seven states, which is expanding every year. Participants are emerging community leaders who do not fit the traditional candidate mold. Over half are women, 97% are people of color, and the average age is 32. Most are working or middle class, often first-generation college graduates, and sometimes formerly undocumented.

NAL’s vision extends beyond Election Day. Local and state New American elected officials, who are often isolated and overwhelmed, come together for governance trainings to become effective advocates within the system. ​NAL’s long-term goal is systems change; they continue to pilot bold new initiatives and champion policy to ensure everyday Americans can vote, run, and serve in office.

To learn more visit their website or if you’d like to consider a gift please contact the Vice President of Development, Jessica Lee, at jessica [at]