FACE Africa

FACE Africa’s mission is to bring clean drinking water to some of the most remote areas in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus in one of the most challenging regions, Liberia. Every water system they’ve built to date is fully operational and providing safe water to communities daily. In May 2018, the FACE Africa team has distributed over 5,000 clean water filters in Rivercess County reaching 40,000 people. They have also completed 18 well projects reaching an additional 20,000 people with clean water.

FACE Africa has been able to do this using multiple water-provision techniques: drilled wells in large communities that are accessible by road; hand-dug wells for larger communities that cannot be reached by larger drilling rigs; and Safe Water filtration systems for individual households in remote, hard to reach areas. This three-tiered approach has made it possible for their teams to reach communities in high-population areas and all the way out to the most remote regions of the County.

FACE Africa is hoping to complete their mission in Rivercess County in the next couple of months and will be moving into Sinoe where they will begin the installation of 4,000 household filters and rehabilitating 32 new wells.

To learn more visit their website or if you’d like to consider a gift please contact the Founder and Executive Director, Saran Kaba Jones, at saran[at]faceafrica.org.