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With over 20 years of experience in the government, civil society, and philanthropic sectors, Yvonne Moore brings wealth of practical knowledge to the creation and refinement of philanthropic goals for her clients, as well as a commitment to bridging theory and practice to ensure donors are able to maximize their investments, and organizations are resourced to achieve their greatest potential. That bridge, as well as the engagement of community is the foundation on which Moore Philanthropy was founded.

During her 15 years in both private and public philanthropy, Yvonne has observed a wide range of investments, some of which have yielded lasting improvements for families and communities, and meant success for the donor. She’s also witnessed projects that disregarded the context of country, community, and culture resulting in failed investments. Moore Philanthropy’s primary ethos is to engage, converse, and problem solve together. To ensure that the donor and grantee partner are aligned in their goals and expectations around what success might look like – which often looks very different for each donor, grantee, and community.

As a former practitioner and a philanthropist herself, Yvonne brings a dual understanding to this work. As a donor, she seeks to achieve the best outcomes from her investments, yet she understands the unique challenges organizations and communities face in creating sustainable solutions, often with insufficient resources.

Yvonne has spent the last 8 years advising donors on their work in Sub-Saharan Africa with a particular focus on investments in alternative and sustainable energies, social investment, water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH), and access, protection and the leadership development of women and girls. She has successfully forged connections with foreign government officials, built strong relationships with grassroots organizations and successfully funded and co-developed projects in the most challenging of environments including post-conflict and slum communities.

Black Philanthropy Month 2016, New York City. From left to right, Ayo Roach, AR Global Philanthropy Advisors; Yvonne Moore, Moore Philanthropy; Tracey Webb, Co-Founder, Black Benefactors; and Valaida Fullwood, Author, Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists. Photo by Yvonne L. Moore.

Prior to launching Moore Philanthropy Yvonne was the Chief of Staff to Abigail E. Disney where she oversaw the family’s network of media, philanthropic and advocacy organizations. Yvonne provided advisement on the family’s personal philanthropic giving, both domestic and political, and led family’s expansion into international giving in 2008. Prior to accepting the Chief of Staff position with Ms. Disney, Yvonne served as the Executive Director of the Daphne Foundation where she was instrumental in elevating the Foundation’s profile, created a special fund dedicated to increasing the Foundation’s commitment to capacity building, and successfully advocated with donor colleagues to increase giving to their grantees. Before joining the philanthropic sector in 1999, Yvonne spent 10 years working in child protection and advocacy, in both the government and charitable sectors and is a co-author of the report Bridges to Independence: Improving Transitions to Adulthood for Youth Served by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services.

Yvonne holds a BA from Texas Tech University and an MS in Nonprofit Management from the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy at the New School. She has completed post-graduate studies in democracy and civil society at the University of Cape Town, and nationalism, post-conflict violence and gender at the University of Lower Silesia in Poland. Yvonne is a trustee of the New York Women’s Foundation, Philanthropy New York, and Cause Effective and is a member of the Issue Advisory Committee at the National Center for Family Philanthropy.