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    Today’s challenging and entrenched issues require donors and their grantee partners to challenge the status quo to truly uncover innovative ideas that will achieve your goals. We expose donors to the various investment tools and options at their disposal based on goals, preferred strategy, risk tolerance, and level of involvement.

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    Financial solutions alone garner limited success. A strategic approach for transformative solutions must include elements beyond financial investment. We help donors and their grantee partners leverage networks, connections and partnership toward lasting change.

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    Sustainable solutions begin in communities, and if properly nurtured can be scaled. We seek first to work in partnership with communities already engaged in problem-solving to help elevate and improve upon existing models. Where those solutions haven’t yet revealed themselves we engage with vested community partners and leverage the agility of the grassroots to help expose and grow solutions.

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Our Services

Whether philanthropy is new to your family or you’ve been actively giving for years, we can help you create the space for new conversations or simply revisit mission and vision to ensure your current strategy and giving are aligned. We will help you define success for you and your family, and ensure that your resources are being actively and aggressively engaged in helping to make change.

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Yvonne L. Moore, Principal Advisor

With over 20 years of experience in the government, civil society, and philanthropic sectors, Yvonne brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the creation and refinement of philanthropic goals for her clients, as well as a commitment to bridging theory and practice to ensure donors are able to maximize their investments, and organizations are resourced to achieve their greatest potential. That bridge, as well as the engagement of community is the foundation on which Moore Philanthropy was founded. During her 15 years in both private and public philanthropy Yvonne has observed a wide range of investments, some of which have yielded lasting improvements for families and communities, and meant success for the donor.

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