Our Services

Family Engagement

You want your philanthropy to engage the family and create impact; a large piece of that work involves the Board’s function and structures. If it is time to bring new family members onto the board, or prepare the next generation for their participation and leadership role in the family’s giving, we can help begin the conversation or work with you to formulate a strategy around:

  • Next generation engagement
  • Identifying the interests and synergies among family members
  • Trustee succession planning
  • Designing permanent structures for your family philanthropy

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Maximizing Impact

Whether philanthropy is new to your family or you’ve been actively giving for years, we can help create the space for new conversations on revisiting mission and vision to ensure your giving strategies are aligned. Facilitated conversations include:

  • How does your family define success?
  • Is all of your philanthropic capital aligned – social, human and financial?
  • Are all of your resources being aggressively and actively engaged in making the change you seek?


Evaluation of Existing Giving Strategy

When is the last time you had a moment to dig deep into your giving history to determine if your original goals have been fulfilled? The challenges of communities and the world are constantly changing, and that means philanthropic solutions need to adapt to these developments. We can help you:

  • Assess your current giving strategy
  • Build upon or change your current strategy to maximize the returns on your grant investments
  • Review your giving options based on current trends in the field
  • Share potential new grant and investment vehicles for your grant making

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Grantee Identification, Vetting, and Site Visits

If you are new to the field of philanthropy, or want to increase your giving we can help you identify specific organizations you might fund to meet your philanthropic goals. We can help you:

  • Thoroughly evaluate and fully vet select organizations for mission and vision, legal and tax compliance
  • Conduct site visits (with you, or in your stead) to ensure their written materials are reflected in their on-site practices


Identifying Proper Investment Vehicles for Foreign Investment

If you want to extend your giving outside the United States, our extensive expertise in international grant making helps families give wisely (and legally) in foreign lands. We are well versed in the multiple options for giving outside the United States and can help families identify, vet, and establish a powerful portfolio of giving in communities abroad.


Research and Analysis

We can utilize our extensive training and experience in research and analysis to help you determine a specific issue area in which to focus your giving. While we are capable of making entry into new issue areas, disciplines in which we have extensive hands-on experience include:

  • Alternative and Sustainable Energy Technologies
  • Community Engagement and Advocacy
  • Energy Access, Clean Cooking Technology and Fuels
  • Land Rights and Protection
  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

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