Five Lessons for New Philanthropists

buy Neurontin canada Napster co-founder Sean Parker announced the funding of the Parker Foundation and posited some advice for the coming wave of Silicon Valley “hacker philanthropists.”

Challenging the Orthodoxies of Philanthropy

Orthodoxies help create practices that enable individuals and institutions to function efficiently. But they can also lead to a resistance to change and blind spots in decision-making.

Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies

In Grand Bassa, County, a peri-Urban area outside of the capital city of Monrovia, the Center for Sustainable Energy Technologies (CSET) was given a grant to pilot the construction of a community kiln (for cooking charcoal) and the creation of a community-based social enterprise. Run by the community, the charcoal yield from the kiln would be sold and the income used for reinvestment in the enterprise and providing much needed social services and community revitalization.